Author Topic: Huge FLAC file reduced when converted in device synchronization  (Read 433 times)


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I've recently bought a huge FLAC file (+-2Gb and +-6 hours of music).
When this file is converted in device synchronization in MusicBee, the resulting mp3 file is reduced to +-300Mb and +-3 hours of music and doesn't seem to contain the music which is at the start of the original file.
I have used this turnaround to solve this problem :
- Opened a command line from : C:\Program Files (x86)\MusicBee\Codec
- Launched this command to convert FLAC file to WAV file : flac -d "<original_flac_file_path>"
- Launched this command to convert WAV file to MP3 file : lame "<wav_file_path>" --cbr -b 320 --noreplaygain
- Excluded from synchronization : Right clic on the FLAC file : Sent to > Audiobooks
-- cfr
This workaround works but i'm reporting this issue if anyone think that it can/must be resolved :-)