Author Topic: Unable to retrieve artwork for any Artist / Album (Identified)  (Read 237 times)


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Thought it was a bug but this might be just something that could have been worded differently.
The error occurs upon enabling "apply image size filter from ... to ..."

I think MusicBee (A) searches only within that pixel range rather than (B) searching in all images and then apply resizing.
Personally I wrongly understood (B) applies as that would be a better solution.

If the intended way is (A) then the wording might be more clear to sth like "search images only within range from ... to ..."

Keep up the awesome work!


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Hi, welcome to the forum!

Yes, you're right that MusicBee is searching for images with an original size in the given range. The only place that MusicBee does any resizing of images, that I'm aware of, is when syncing.
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