Author Topic: How to turn off editing track title via clicking a highlighted track?  (Read 368 times)


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I tried searching for this issue and I'm not a super seasoned MB user exactly so forgive me if I overlooked the solution or poorly explain the issue.

Basically I'd like to turn off the way selected track titles immediately become editable after being selected and clicked on again. Despite having no other double clicking issues elsewhere on my computer I constantly finding myself accidentally doing this and it's driving me nuts. I couldn't really find anything that changes what clicking an already selected track does, so I figured I'd ask here.

Example screenshots: Highlighted and then clicking again, making it editable

If it makes any difference, I'm having the problem in my main panel which I have displaying "Albums and tracks" and my right panel as well which is displaying "Playing tracks"



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In Preferences/ Tags(2) untick "enable direct editing of tags in the main panel"