Author Topic: How to display albums / tracks by rating?  (Read 369 times)


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Hello everyone!

I am just mastering MusicBee. I am interested in the question: how can you filter albums or individual tracks by rating?
For example, I don't want to add the track I like to the playlist every time. It's easier for me to rate a track, for example at 4 or 5, and then from time to time open those rated tracks with one click as a playlist.

I know that something similar exists in Auto-DJ, but I have not studied this section well yet. Maybe you can create some kind of tag, virtual (how to do it?) And display it in any section?

For example, as a more granular setting, I would like to receive filters like this:

Heavy Metal Tracks - Rated 4
tracks in the genre of Progressive Metal - rated 4
tracks in the genre of Progressive Metal - rated 5
Progressive Metal Albums - Rated 4

Once I collected a collection by country. It was interesting for me to get acquainted with music in Spanish, in Czech. I created folders "Spain". "Czechia" and physically organized the music there. Now that I realized that it is better to do this in MusicBee, and physically store the files in one folder.
Now I'm thinking how to collect these filters by country and by estimates?


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I suggest you start by getting familiar with auto-playlists:

For countries and such you'll probably need to start with custom tags, but once the tags are in the files then you can use auto-playlists or filters exactly as now. (This is also possibly a use for the Tag Hierarchy Explorer feature, but that's still in beta and I suggest working with MusicBee's core features to start out with. Once you're more comfortable with it, you'll find there are multiple approaches to almost any task.)
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