Author Topic: Add "Tick" to Album Covers View  (Read 192 times)


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In the "Tracks" and "Album and Tracks" view, a small tick can be added as a Displayed Field, along with the context menu items "Tick Selection", "Untick Selection", and "Select all unticked Files".

There however does not seem to be a way of enabling the Tick field when displayed in the "Album Covers" or "Artists" views. I am wondering if this feature could be added across all views. The Tick could be displayed beside the Love button for each track (right-aligned, beside the track duration) and enabled with an additional toggle option in the "Customise Panel..." along with the 'show "Love" button' toggle under "show the tracks for the selected album" > "directly under the selected album" ("Show Settings").

I use this feature to add and remove songs from a playlist I use to synchronize tracks between my library and my phone.

Adding this feature would be a big help. Thanks in advance.
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