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I have a huge collection of tracks from a bundle with its track numbers missing in tag data, but listed in the file name. The current Auto-Tag tool to grab data from the file name almost works.....but the files are named in a format of  <Track #> - <Artist> - <Track Name>.

For example

1-Dark Fantasy Studio- Departure

So by using this tool, every track number tag will be the entire filename, minus the .mp3 part of it.

It would be nice if you could limit the amount of  characters this tool pulls info from, so that way, I could limit it to a maximum of 2 characters and it would only pull the track number 1-41.

So i'd have to manually rename  all the tracks to just their track numbers, or use the tool as is then remove the remaining characters from the track tag. I might as well do it manually one at a time then.

Hopefully this would be something easy to implement. MusicBee remains to me the best music library manager, but every once in a while it has me saying, "I wish I could do X".

Thanks for MB. :)


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If you are only doing the track numbers wouldn't  you use
Tools>  Tagging Tools> Renumber Tracks...
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If you are only doing the track numbers wouldn't  you use
Tools>  Tagging Tools> Renumber Tracks...
This would work. And the use the Additional Tagging and Reporting Tools plugin to remove the track number from the file name.
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