Author Topic: avoid the Expanded Panel opening when clicking top part of Album/Artist picture  (Read 132 times)


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The expanded panel for 'Albums' view is a nice feature.
But there are many situations where you only want to select an album, or you need to double-click it for opening a separate panel.
But in these cases the expanded panel will also open, making navigation more difficult and a bit of a nervous experience.

There is the option to keep [Alt] pressed when (double)clicking to prevent this, but it's not an obvious feature and most users will have no knowledge of this.

A solution that could work nicely is when clicking the top area of an album or artist image, the expanded panel will not open.
Something like the top quarter area.

I'm pretty sure this has been wished for before, but with the new 'open in new panel' feature I feel it is relevant again.


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Slightly pertaining to this issue and referencing to my last Post on the OP of this feature:

Due to my physical impairments, double clicking constantly is very taxing for me, I've been hoping for a similar implementation.

With the click to play feature in mind, multiple buttons on the cover displaying when hoovered could be configured to do certain functions such as Play, Open Containing folder- as well as many others.

These buttons could be in each corner, as well as a larger button in the center or a form of edge clicks as per Hiccup's suggestion. Button/click area function configuration can be to the users desire- mine would be a big middle button to open the album in Album/Tracks view rather the double click, a click to play button or a click area to do so and perhaps a Open containing folder button/click area.

I also have had another idea I have and am unsure whether to mention it here or in a separate post is allowing the middle click navigation function to be reconfigurable to left click... but I just realized that would cause issues when trying to click a track to play it- it would need to apply to album thumbnails only.
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