Author Topic: Playlist Location Wrong (?)  (Read 372 times)


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Hi, I've got my MB set up to look on OneDrive, so all my music is available & effectively synched between my home PC and work laptop.
But, I've been adding songs to playlists on my laptop, and the playlist file I'd expect to be getting updated isn't!

Looking in Preferences, the location is specified as Playlists\, and the monitored folders list contains only the folder where my music is held (let's call it C:\Users\Me\OneDrive\Documents\MyMusic)

If I look in C:\Users\Me\OneDrive\Documents\MyMusic\Playlists, then the playlists in there haven't been updated for quite some time, but if I search down the C: drive, I find that the lists have been updated in a folder C:\Users\Me\Music\2nd Library\Playlists

The C:\Users\Me\Music\2nd Library folder has other subfolders for Artist Pictures and Podcasts, and what looks like a few MB system files.

Anyone got any  idea what's going on, and how I can make it update the correct playlist files please?