Author Topic: What have you been listening to recently?  (Read 18563 times)


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Lots of lossless wonders through the balanced output of my new HiBy R3 Saber player: extraordinary.


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Lately I've been rediscovering some of the older stuff I have. Reminiscing the good ol'd days of ALiCE'S EMOTiONS and early Alstroemeria Records stuff. Quite a lot really. All the old anime OPs and EDs too that I collected over time.

Last few albums I listened to this week have been Cowboy Bebop: Blue, Electronica Tunes -FINAL FANTASY Series-, Touhou Jihen's ESCAPE FROM WEST, and many more.

Corliss Rain

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I've got my whole collection on a random album shuffle right now and I'm rediscovering a lot of the folky acoustic stuff I loved in my early 20s -- Indigo Girls, Lowen & Navarro, Michelle Malone, disappear fear, Drivin N Cryin, Darden Smith, Gregson & Collister. I'm also wondering where the hell the last 30 years went.