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Hello all, just wanted to say thanks to those concerned for MusicBee, it's fantastic. I've been using it since working from home (8 months now) and have my entire music library loaded to my playlist (around 48,000 tracks) which are set to play randomly, but I've noticed some albums/folders never seem to get played. Does anyone know something that would cause this?

It's not just the odd album of 10-15 tracks I'm talking about either - that could be explained by the number of tracks I have in total and the fact that they're playing on random. But I have one folder with multiple sub-folders that overall contain well over 1,000 tracks, and yet none of them has even been played. Not a single one. It's really weird and seems like more than just a coincidence. I've checked some of the tracks in Windows Media Player in case they were corrupt or something but they're all fine. All MP3's, no weird formats or anything.

Does anyone have any ideas? This the only issue I've found with MusicBee which is otherwise awesome. Thanks :)