Author Topic: Does Rating in IDv3 header always have higher priority than library Rating? Sync  (Read 653 times)


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Assume I added a *.mp3 song to a playlist and assign a Rating of lets say 3 stars.
As far as I understand the Rating is automatically stored in IDv3 header of file (sync enabled) AND in MusicBee Library.

(Days) Later I changed the Rating in IDv3 header of *.mp3 file NOT by MusicBee but another (!) external player.

For simplicity lets say e.g. in well known MP3tag.exe program

When I now start MusicBee there is a conflict between the Rating value in IDv3 header of *.mp3 file and the Rating in MusicBee Library.

Which one has priority (=is shown) in Playlist column?

Can I force MusicBee to sync the Rating values and copy all Rating values (only) into direction Music Library?


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Generally what's in the file takes priority, *however* unless the the file is in a monitored folder, you would need to rescan it before the value in the database will be updated.

Also note that unless you activate "store ratings in the music file" in Tag Preferences, MusicBee does not automatically save the ratings to the file.
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