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How Many Types Of Impact Drivers In The Market?

When we are talking about buying an impact driver, then you may have lots of questions in mind like how to buy the right one or how many types of tools are available in the market to choose from? We are here to answer your questions. Today we are talking about the types of impact drivers available in the market, and you can choose the best one for your work.

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Types of Impact Drivers

Corded Impact Drivers

Corded impact drivers are high in power due to direct connectivity to electricity. If you are working on a major project where maximum energy is required by a tool, then corded impact drivers are the perfect ones to assist you. Corded drills are durable as they are made up of strong material and heavy for professional use. The cord of impact driver adds versatility and makes it suitable for use on job sites and heavy projects. This tool may not work everywhere because of cord problems and connectivity, but it all depends on your choice.

Cordless Impact Driver

Cordless impact drivers are the popular ones due to ease of use and how it can be moved anywhere without interrupting a whole operation. It can be used with single or multiple batteries, and its modern design will provide you precision. As these impact drivers don’t have a cord so handling issues are no more complicated, and it’s handy. If a cordless impact driver is completely charged, then it can be used anywhere without going through operational problems. The only problem you will experience in cordless impact drivers is low power due to batteries. It may not compete with the corded tool due to direct connectivity.

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Brushed Impact Drivers

If you are choosing a brushed motor for your next project, then it’s not expensive at all and quite simple in operation. Brushed motors are durable, and if any of the parts is damaged, then it doesn’t require too much amount to repair. Brushed impact drivers are high maintenance, so if you want them to run for a long time, they need regular maintenance to work efficiently. You don’t have to connect or attach extra accessories with a brush motor as it’s quite simple, unlike brushless. The brushed impact driver is heavy and makes it an ideal tool for professional jobs.

Brushless Impact Driver

Brushless impact drivers are full of advantages and compact. When you are using a brushless impact driver for any of the projects, then it won’t get heated and also eliminate the friction to enhance the life of a tool. Brushless impact drivers are expensive as you have to gain the electronic controller, and it’s more like building a computer. The brushless feature of the tool hikes the prices.


Every tool is different and designed for several jobs; it depends on the nature of the job and what kind of tool can work on all your applications? You can choose any of the tool types, but it’s essential to maintain and operate in a proper way to make it last longer and for achieving results. The best impact driver is not easy to find but you can visit Laser Level Hub and choose any quality model you want to.
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