Author Topic: How to reduce line-height/space gap between song lines in playlist?  (Read 666 times)


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When I look at the lines in my playlists then I like the current font(size) but not the gap between the lines.

From line to line there is a gap/space of approx 5 empty pixel rows.
This space gap is not reduceable by decreasing the font size.

I prefer to see as much songs in playlists as possible without scrolling.
So how can I reduce this space gap to only lets say 2 pixels?

The preferences dialog does not contain an option to adjust the line height.
I doubt that the line height can solve this problem alone. There must be an additional setting in the programs table control setup.

So is there any solution?


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You can't set it precisely, but there's a setting in Layout preferences called Row Padding. Changing that to Compressed should improve it for you.
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