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Hi all, before posting these ideas as "feature requests", I'd like to glean any knowledge that anyone has around the subject and whether there are already any solutions / workarounds:

1. The ability to add multiple jpeg files in one go would save a LOT of hassle. That is, to be able to multi-select files when adding to artwork instead of one-at-a-time.

2. Further to above, the last selected options (embed in file, link to file, etc) to be remembered - at the moment the "embed option" is always selected by default regardless of last action.

3. The artwork pop-up window that opens when you double-click the artwork during playback to be resizable AND zoomable - preferably both simultaneously, i.e. the ratio of the window is constrained and the contents auto-resizes to fill frame.

4. Further to above, a back/forward clickable in the pop-up window that allows you to navigate to the next/previous artwork file.

Would love some feedback on the above suggestions - I'm sure I'm not the only one to feel these things would be really useful.

As an aside, much as I'm loathe to stop using MB, does anyone know of another music library app that maybe does do all of the above?

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I think all of these would be welcomed wishlist requests.

I myself would +1 points two and four.


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Please continue this discussion on the Wishlist thread.;topicseen
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