Author Topic: Tiny Irregularity Involving The Thumbnail Browser and Playlist Explorer  (Read 992 times)


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Using MusicBee version 3.5.8146 P

- enable the thumbnail browser (TB) on any tab/node that supports it.
- restart MB from that specific tab. Note that on startup, the first row (All <field>) in the TB isn't selected.
- then go to the playlist explorer (in any tab except the one in step 1) and select any playlist from there.
- upon returning to the tab used in step 1, you'll notice that the TB's first row is now selected?

It automatically has a lowlight colour applied to it. Why is that so?
It doesn't appear to be a skin dependent issue since the same behaviour occurs in the default skin.

I don't mind elaborating on the problem with gif's and screenshots if my explanation above isn't reproducible.
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