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MusicBee is such a wonderful player.It has a very clean interface.I play all music files in it only.But it is available for windows only.Would it be available in future for linux also? Surely,linux(especially ubuntu linux) requires the urgent need of such a beautiful player.


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apparently musicbee can run under wine on some Linux configurations. Its not something i have verified myself and i know some people have been unsuccessful trying it. If you do a forum search you will find some more info


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i know it's a lot of work in it, but i would also like a linux version, since ubuntu has become my primary os :)
about using wine, i don't think it's a good option. most of the windows programs have alternatives on linux, so the only viable uses of wine are office and games. i would recommend banshee if you need a simple music player. i am currently using a bash script since i only need play/pause and next song  ;D


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I really want to see MusicBee (the best, and positively perfect, in my opinion) ported to Linux. It's bound to get VERY popular in the Linux world.


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You've made multiple posts about this without reply, and it seems you've done enough searching to find some of the many, many previous posts, so you have your answer already.

Here's a possible workaround:
MusicBee Wiki
Use & improve MusicBee's documentation!

Latest patches (3.5/3.6)
(Unzip and overwrite existing program files)


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