Author Topic: wish sound control back like 3.1  (Read 134 times)


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hello dear bee lovers
frankly   this is  one of the best players  i hope for some extra features to be the only one ...any how may be one day

i ve posted one thing before  which  i found some users also want it   which is sound normalisation on fly is it working with that small option
or   we expect more to come!???

any  how   still  cool to me   the feature i miss since 3.1   is volume control  when change size becomes  small dot which is inconvienient  to manipulate  i go back to3,1    it is there  and  cool   to be ported to all   versions   hope so  in 3.4

frankly      i   come here every release   try it found it not back   so   back to 3.1

is there way to change it in skin?     i like light original skin   but try different skins   no luck

any   suggestions?

thank u for all this great work   best wishes