Author Topic: Referesh Rating value for a song which changed outside of MusicBee?  (Read 710 times)


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Assume I dragged a *.mp3 file with a Rating of 2 Stars onto a playlist.
The playlist column with "Rating" value shows 2 stars.

Now the Rating value in ID3 v2.3 header is changed (by another program outside of MusicBee).
The new value for 3 Stars is now in ID3 header. I checked this with Mp3tag tool

However the column in MusicBee shows still 2 stars.

Menu View-->Refresh does not update the "Rating" column
Exiting MusicBee and restart it does not help either.

So how can I update the shown Rating value in Playlist of MusicBee otherwise?

Or even better for ALL songs of the current Playlist?



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There are a couple of solutions to this: make the folder the audio files in a monitored folder, so that MusicBee will automatically detect changes, or just rescan the files using right click > send to > file rescan (you can also configure a hotkey or button for this).
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