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Hi all,

Created an account just to ask this specific question. Tried searching on the forum but couldn't find a match.

I noticed that in Artist section I have the following category:

Quite confusing as no artists have been saved under such a category. Upon closer inspection that only some songs of my compilations are saved here. The difference between the songs saved here and the songs under the artist page where they are all together is the following:

vs how its normally for 99% of songs:

So my question is - does anyone have an idea how I can get rid of this weird asterisk in songs? I have cleaned up the tags and removed a lot of info to make sure its the same for all songs in the compilation but still the asterisk for the select songs stays the same.
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The asterisk indicates you have more than one artist in that field. Perhaps a guest artist. Click the three dots to the right of the Artist field and see what shows.
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These are two questions.

For the first, if MusicBee says you have four albums by everyone's favourite band Copyright Little Box At Symbol, then you probably do, whether intentionally or not.
Try Edit > Find (or Ctrl+F) and do a search for Artist starts with © and see if you have any files with dodgy tag values.

Next, the + next to the Artist label is MusicBee telling you that you have more than one value assigned to the various Artist tags (Artist, Guest Artist, Performer, Remixer) for that track.

Clicking the ... button in the Artist field will show the Multiple Artist Splitter that lists all of the artists and their role on each track.

Also useful is the Tag Inspector which is available from the little drop-down menu icon between the Tag Editor Save and Close buttons.

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Thank you so much guys. You helped me a ton.