Author Topic: Issues syncing to Android device: HRESULT E_FAIL and Missing Files  (Read 56 times)


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I just switched from an iPhone to a new Android phone (A galaxy s20 fe), and I am trying to find a way to sync my large library of music to that device.

I am loving MusicBee on the PC, but I am having various issues with using it to sync my music.

I have a library of over 70GB, and I have been trying to sync it to my phone's SD card over a wired connection.

1) A few of the files fail to sync and show an error:
"Copy Failed - Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component"

2) Despite no displayed errors, only about half of my music actually made it on to the device.
The folders which would contain the music files appear (i.e. folders for the artists and albums appear),
but the music files themselves do not.

Something else I have tried is syncing to internal storage instead of SD.
That seems to have worked without these issues.
However, internal storage is limited, so I then tried moving the files from internal storage
to the SD card, and that seems to have also resulted in missing files.
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