Author Topic: ID3v2.3 vs ID3v1 handling: Show, copy, removal?  (Read 910 times)


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Some questions about the ID3 handling for one certain currently marked song:

How can I let Music Bee show if there is (in addition to ID3v2.3) an additional ID3v1 tag header and what (if present) the current values are?

How can I copy the tag values from ID3v1 to ID3v2.3 (only corresponding fields)?

How can I delete the ID3v1 header (but not the ID3v2.3 header?



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I have found operations like this are immensely easier using an external tagger like Kid3 (  The latter will display the contents of all tag formats that exist in the file on one display page and allow you to remove them individually or move data between them.  I made a hotkey in MusicBee so I can open any file into Kid3, edit if I want, then resave.  The file must then be rescanned for MusicBee to pick up the changes (make a Toolbar button for that and it's just as easy).


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I too like to use an external tagger but that might just be old habits dying hard.

To answer your q, right click the track -> Edit. Or Shift Enter

Top of the new dialogue box, second tab is tag inspector.

New window across the top will show you options for which formats you can edit.  Although the interface isn't suited to do exactly what you wanted (as far as I know).

An another popular alternative is mp3tag.  You can set it READ both id3v1 and id3v2.3 but only WRITE ID3v2.3 in the options. So if you select a track, delete all the tags then undo the action, since its only writing to id3v2.3, it will write everything to that format.

I do this in mass to tracks as I go.

It shows you right in the main window if multiple formats are being used for each song you add.