Author Topic: When using column/thumbnail browser, don't keep hidden tracks selected/loaded  (Read 88 times)


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I could see this applying to other situations like library explorer or tag hierarchy explorer, too.

What I would like to see happen is that the first track in whatever my current browser/explorer selection is automatically selected/loaded such as in the vertical tag editor. Instead, what happens it that the last thing I was working on remains in the vertical tag editor (some other oddball thing have happened, too, such as keeping a deleted track's data in the tag editor, but I'll provide more info if I run into that again). The idea is that the first item would be selected and therefore automatically show up in the tag editor/vertical tag editor.

Barring actually selecting an item in the current view, at least clear the old selection. It's confusing to have an item that isn't even in the current view selected and can lead to unwanted results. I keep getting "unsaved changes" prompts when I'm not even aware of having made changes.
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