Author Topic: What's the code for autoOpenArtistBiography?  (Read 6069 times)


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For lyrics it's autoOpenLyrics="True" but I can't find the one for Artist Biography. I tried autoOpenArtistInfo, autoOpenArtist, autoOpenBiography, none work and biography doesn't display.

Here is my code:
<!-- ArtistInfo Panel-->
<autoHide name="#ArtistInfo" type="Block" xAnchor="Panel.Left" x="550" y="1" width="281" heightDock="Panel" height="-5" bg="0,0,0,0" fg="215,215,215" fg2="255,255,255" autoOpenArtistInfo="True" resizePictures="true" >
<element type="Text" xAnchor="Panel.Left" x="552" y="53" width="253" style="Bold" font="Prime" size="13" fg="210,210,210" >Biography</element>
<element type="ArtistInfo" xAnchor="Panel.Left" x="553" y="80" width="245" heightDock="Y:#ArtistInfo.Bottom" height="-175" font="Prime" style="Regular" size="10.5" fg="190,190,190" fg2="255,140,0"></element>

<!-- Lyrics Panel-->
<autoHide name="#RightSidebarLyrics" type="Block" xAnchor="Panel.Right" x="-281" y="1" width="281" heightDock="Panel" height="-2" bg="0,0,0,0" fg="215,215,215" fg2="255,255,255" autoOpenLyrics="True" resizePictures="true" >
<element type="Text" xAnchor="Panel.Right" x="-315" y="53" width="253" style="Bold" font="Prime" size="13" fg="210,210,210" >Lyrics</element>
<element type="Lyrics" xAnchor="Panel.Right" x="-314" y="80" width="245" heightDock="Y:#RightSidebarLyrics.Bottom" height="-175" style="Regular" font="Prime" size="10.5" fg="190,190,190" fg2="255,140,0" ></element>

Also is there a guide to show all the commands? is empty.
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