Author Topic: What Decoder Does MusicBee use to play MP3 Files?  (Read 343 times)


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Hi, I am new here, but my question is what decoder does MusicBee use to Play MP3, Is it MAD, I ask because I think my few MP3 files sound better than in Winamp 5.8 witch I have installed the MAD Decoder in and of course erased the old.
Almost whole of my collection is ALAC & FLAC 16-44 or 24-96.
To be brief, I love Lossless Audio, but the MAD plugin in Winamp & Mediamonkey just sounds good.
But MusicBee sounds Better on my system anyway, so what is the secret, please tell me. :)


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MusicBee uses bass.dll to decode mp3's;  it is the main part of the BASS audio libraries, a continuously developed project from Un4seen Developments in use by several high-end audio applications:

Terry Walker

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oooh... it's good to see the link here. loves musicbee too, thanks for sharing.