Author Topic: Update for using qaac.exe for AAC encoding without iTunes installed  (Read 474 times)


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For those wanting to use qaac.exe in MusicBee for encoding but NOT having to install iTunes, the instructions posted by many (e.g. have taken a slight wrinkle with the release of qaac 2.70 and iTunes here:

The good news is that it already seems a workaround has been made available in the posting of "makeportable2.cmd" 2 days after the news post, available here:

I tried the above with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of iTunes, and it successfully creates the "QTfiles/QTfiles64" folder.  Note that you need to use specifically version 2.70 of qaac.exe  to work with the new iTunes.  The rest of the instructions as far as what you need to put in the MusicBee "Codec" folder remain unchanged from what was cited in the first link in this post.