Author Topic: Keep record of deleted tracks: Remake plugin or possible in Musicbee now?  (Read 119 times)


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I want to keep track to the tracks I listened to and deleted (because I didn't like them).
My plugin Ghost Tracks did just that, although with a major  unsolved problem (Nr 2 below).

My question now is: Is it possible today with Musicbee itself to:

1.  Keep a list of deleted tracks ?
     --- For now I only see making an external playlist before deleting them
     ___ Ghost Tracks had its own list after deleting tracks automatically

2. Searching for ALL music in your library AND in these deleted tracks? *
    --- Don't think so, but maybe you guys know something?
    ___ MB Interface was not ready for that to be able to program that in Ghost Tracks

* To see if I already listened to tracks before buying new ones. You see, I am a music freak, listening to soooo many different music, but my memory can't keep track of all the music I ever listened to, not even what's in my library.

Thank you
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I don't know how much good it does, but deleted tracks do generally still show up in the history nodded.
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Good thinking.
1. Alas, I double checked and none of the ones I deleted (and kept track of manually in an external playlist) show up in the history.
2. Also, it's very much under influence of musicbee's untrusthworthy behavior. For example, my current MB history only goes back to 2018 for one reason or another.  Same for my "last modified" and "added date" for all tracks. Somehow, on a certain day all my music resets those fields to the current date. I'm not sure why. I presume a MB crash or update or change of library folder or sómething repeatable. So, even if it would keep a perfect track, it's too risky in my opinion.
Thanks for the idea though.
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