Author Topic: Keyboard backlight react to sound? (Like for eg. winamp plugin)  (Read 799 times)


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I wasn't sure in which section this should be posted, so sorry if chosen wrongly.

I remember there was once a plug-in for winamp that allowed to control & react the keyboard 3 LED diods that are usually on keyboard responsible for notification about Caps Lock etc., to the music, and also possibly to control the back-light of the keyboard if one had such keyboard.
It happened that I have such a keyboard that has back-light that can be set on two levels and I was wondering whether maybe we have already some kind of plug-in or something that could do the same as the winamp plug-in?


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You can look through the Plugin section but I'm pretty sure nothing like that exists. I do recall a plugin that worked with a certain type of light bulb, but I don't really know what it did. But that's not going to help you with your keyboard.
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