Author Topic: Do not synch new playlists and synch music into phone but not into playlists.  (Read 168 times)


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I did my best to find similar topic but I was not able to so it if it appeared before plese let me know.
At the beganing everything was working perfectly for few months later on when I addd new music everything is fine in Musicbee but when it is synch onto phone songs does appear on auto playlists created by phone and does appear in" all songs" however does not appear in playlists created in Musicbee ( does not appear only on the phone) also new playlists created in musicbee does not synch.
At the level of Musicbee synch everything is fine according to it all new playlists were synched and all new music as well.
On the phone I am using PI music player however I do not think it is an issue of this app as I downloaded  6 other top apps from google play and I had exacly same issue. I also deleted PI music from the phone, deleted all music and playlists from the phone reinstelled and synch from the beganing - nothing changed.
I am allready cluless after 2 months of trying , does anyone has idea what can cause it ?


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Have you used a file browser to determine if the files and playlists are going to the right place on the phone? And that the app is looking for them in the same place?
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I did try after your advice:
In the app settings I managed to import playlists ( app found them automaticailly - I only had to choose which one to update)
Playlist that were not showing up - appeared, unfortuanteilly they are empty , as well as lists that were missing music now after " importing them" they do not have any music at all .
With this empty playlists I found lots of topics with possible sollutions, thank you for help.
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