Author Topic: Where are the settings stored for the sorting options  (Read 423 times)


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I am looking to dump a preconfigured set of ini files and other assorted configs onto a remote machine, so I don't have to remote onto it to change it manually.

However, some items are baffling me, mainly around the sorting options.

If I hex edit the OrganisationPresets.dat file to change which letter is used to sort the library, then MusicBee totally ignores my changes after I copy the file across to the AppData folder, and when I go into Tools - Organise there is no change of drive letter.

Why does my copied file get ignored? Are the settings stored elsewhere, and then just dumped into the OrganisationPresets.dat file afterwards?

Also, where are the settings stored for the other sort, ie the one that is carried out when I add files to my library, which is under Edit - Edit Preferences - Library - Organisation?

I have no idea where these settings are stored, can anyone shed any light?

Also, is it possible to make this do the same sort as Tools - Organise, instead of having to keep two different places updated the same?


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