Author Topic: What are there and how can i get rid of them? (Rdio Style (embedded)  (Read 629 times)


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So I really like the look of the Rdio Style (embedded) for the Now Playing tab. My only problem is these weird skip buttons with circles at the edge of them in the player controls.

The circles are separate buttons from the "next track" looking things beside them, and when I hover over the circles (without even clicking) it shows a collage of the artist's pictures, which i don't want or care for at all). Any idea how I can get rid of these?

In case it matters at all I'm using the "Material Mix -Segoe UI - Blue Grey" skin
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edit the skin file in MusicBee\Plugins\TheaterMode.Embeded

and remove the 2 lines that contain

and the 2 lines that contain