Author Topic: preamp songs according volume analysis/replay gain please & please db silence  (Read 169 times)


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musicbee is the best audio player for windows 7 to 10

could be added a preamp feature according to volume analysis/replay gain  , for example preamp x db (+7.5db ) only for songs with volume analysis/replay gain tags ?

maybe an option to limit the preamp to clip , for example I would preamp about +20db all my songs with  volume analysis/replay gain tags , but if +20db is too much and does clip , musicbee could reduce it to avoid clipping

and about remove silence , could be added the possibility to add threshold db ?

musicbee is high advanced audio player with lots of incredible features , about my opinion lacks of some advanced features , these preamp according volume analysis/replay gain and a threshold db remove silence

i'm asking because i have ripped some vinyl records and there is some noise at the end and begining of the songs , or other tracks ripped from cd they have some audio at the end of tracks , i have used audacity

and preamp because i have some cds or albums that sound not loud , preamp only the the volume analysis/replay gain tagged would be amazing

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