Author Topic: A skinning odyssey - Part 2: Not All Black&White  (Read 2638 times)


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After Pure Black&White the next step on my journey was to add some colour (as 99% of the time I use the Tracks panel it's pretty boring looking at Black & White all day).

First change: the background colours are now Black = nord3 (rgb 76,86,106) and White = nord6 (rgb 236,239,244).

Second change: text/highlight colours - there are 14 skins in total, 7 of each background with 12 distinct text/icons/buttons colours (all skins are consistent - player background = background, text/icons/buttons & player icons are the same colour and highligthed text has a LastFmLove icon with the same colour).

Two examples:

All skins are provided in both "bitmapped" (again thanks to diego) and "flat" player versions. All source is also included.

Download here

A short introduction to skinning here