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It would be nice to be able to add PDF files to the library for album booklets. Is this something that you would consider?


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The cover is not the only jpg file in the album folder. Many times, in the folder or in some subfolder, there's other interesting jpg or pdf files.

How about a 'red/green light' that tells you about those files and allows you to click on and browse them.

Something like:

And then you click and browse


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I don't understand why pdf support is not standard in all media players. I really would appreciate a player that supports my music booklets (typically in pdf format) that reside in the album folder.


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I don't understand why pdf support is not standard in all media players.
Because a PDF isn't a media file. Why should a media player know what to do with a PDF?

You can assign a shortcut to "General: Locate Selected Track in Windows Explorer" which would be a quick way to access any other files stored with the track.
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Maybe PDF is not a media file according your definition, but it is digital information that accompanies the other media files.
If I bought a gramophone or a cd in the pre-digital era, I also knew what to do with an accompanying booklet, why should a media player not understand what to do? At least what the media player could do is indicating that there is additional information in the folder.


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Could MusicBee monitor .pdf files, plz?

My point is not to read pdf file with MusicBee.
But being able to launch a 3rd party software for reading my Digital Booklets with MusicBee would be nice.
(like we can do for video files):

The Digital Booklet should be listed under the last track (like iTunes Store does):

So, monitoring .pdf files (and maybe .cbr / . cbz files) and being able to launch an external software for reading them would be nice IMO.

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Big +1. It will be better to allow user to add any extensions for monitoring/manual adding to MB. Of course external app should be used to open unsupported files.


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Good suggestion. Being able to open the liner notes directly from MusicBee would be super.


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I have been using Musicbee for a a couple of years now, and in most ways I like it so much more than iTunes and other players. But there is one thing that has prevented me from using it as my main organizer for my huge library and forces me to keep iTunes on the computer too.

I would really love to have the file scan pick up pdf booklets that are in folders with albums and link the album art from within the library, so that a pdf reader can be launched with the booklet when clicking on it. Searching in windows explorer isn't the same. Often one does not even remember which albums came with booklets, so closing musicbee to search for a booklet adds many extra steps.

I understand the argument that pdf files are not media files, but they are part of albums and they provide important reference points while listening. Anything that increases their accessibility is good. Is it very difficult to program links into the library?

Thank you for considering this.


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  • Now with FiiO M11!
I could see the value in this, specifically for those who have a lot of albums from HDTracks.
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I have a lot of music with Booklets in .pdf. A panel to access those files directly and a tab on edit mode will be a great idea.
Is there other people using Booklet?