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I am looking for a way to set up a separate "Play Count" function in MusicBee, without impacting the existing, default global Play Count function.  Ultimately I am looking for a way for MusicBee to record the song play count in the default field, but then separately in another field that I can manipulate without impacting the default play count. 

I am starting to try to play with the 'Tagging Tool', but I am new to that level of logic.  I have read through some other forums on the P_Count function (Copy Tag 'Play Count' to tag <CustomX> for selected files).  But this is just a copy, not an active function. 

I am trying to achieve a master play count (the global default) and a separate play count that I can reset at my own whim without resetting the global default. 

Thoughts, suggestions?


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Ok so I came up with my own dirty little way to accomplish this for those interested. 

This requires the 'Tagging Tool' plugin and a newer, supported version of Musicbee. 

1. Create a new custom tag in an open tag slot.  I chose custom14 and named it PCWeekly
2. Under Tools -> Additional Tagging Tools open the Copy Tag option
3. Run this function to copy the "Play Count" to your custom field, PCWeekly in this case, for all files currently in your library.   
*This needs to occur before step 4 or the formula will fail with errors due to no existing data*
*This is a one time update; the update I can perform at my own interval/whim per my original question*
4. Create a Virtual tag as with this formula or similar for your needs -> $Sub(<Play Count>, <PC Weekly>) - I named mine "Weekly Plays"

Now what will happen is as music is played in the library it will update the default global play count, but the "PCWeekly" custom field remains where it was when I reset it.  Then the new Weekly Plays virtual tag subtracts the current from the original.  At the end of a week I can clipboard/export my library and enjoy countless hours of way over analyzing my own listening habits per week, or frankly any interval you want to configure.  Also makes for a neat footer scroll on a custom jukebox ("Hottest Songs This Week" kind of idea).  Then I just run step 3 again every week and taa-daa.


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Then the new Weekly Plays virtual tag subtracts the current from the original. 
Nice solution! I would have said your original request wasn't possible, but with MusicBee there's always a way.

Okay, not always. But a lot of the time.  ;D
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