Author Topic: Migrating MediaMonkey AutoPlaylists  (Read 218 times)


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I'm exploring how to migrate over from MediaMonkey.  Is there an easy/semi-easy method of migrating AutoPlaylists over to MusicBee?  I have a few hundred AutoPlaylists that create their music contents based on a variety of conditions and booleans.  To be clear, I'm not referring to exporting MM playlists as M3Us then importing that into MusicBee... I am referring to migrating the logic of the AutoPlaylists into the MusicBee equivalent.


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There's nothing built into MusicBee to do that.
If you've searched the forum and haven't found any earlier posts explaining how to do it, I'd say you're on your own.

What do MediaMonkey playlists look like? If they're plain text like XML, it might be possible to automate some of it.
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