Author Topic: help with accents and foreign characters (japanese/korean/chinese) for linux  (Read 838 times)


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I`ve set up my musicbee instalation using the parameter on the forum guide

right now my problem are the accents and korean/japanese characters of many of my songs, some of those characters are being misread by musicbee (i did installed fonts for foreign languages on my wine setup) causing the song to be "not found"

here is an example:

    on my pc /media/CRUCIAL/Músicas com rating revisado/_Música Brasileira/SAMBA/Paulinho da Viola/Bebadosamba/14 Bêbadosamba.flac
    on musicbee Z:\media\CRUCIAL\MC:sicas com rating revisado_MC:sica Brasileira\SAMBA\Paulinho da Viola\Bebadosamba\14 BC*badosamba.flac

another example

    on my pc /media/CRUCIAL/Músicas com rating revisado/EDM/_Other Electronic Genres/Alison Wonderland/Run/04 Alison Wonderland × Slumberjack - Naked.flac

    on musicbee Z:\media\CRUCIAL\MC:sicas com rating revisado\EDM_Other Electronic Genres\Alison Wonderland\Run\04 Alison Wonderland C Slumberjack - Naked.flac
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