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any (.lng, .lngc) language files placed in the Localisations folder where musicbee is installed will be included in the language selection box on the main preferences page. You will need to restart musicbee after selecting a language

combine the following files, and save as XXXX.lng:
English base file
v3.1 in progress

Status of the various translations and contacts
Chinese Simplified contact user: zzh1989829
Chinese Traditional contact user: tmdicky
Czech contact user: Pako
Dutch contact user: silasje1
French contact user: Wolo or klint
German included in 1.2.4176 RC3 - contact user: OrB or RoadRunner
Greek contact user: Olympios
Italian no longer being updated
Japanese contact user: butty
Polish contact user: Xyzzy
Portuguese (PT) no longer being updated
Portuguese (BR) contact user: Havokdan
Russian contact user: boroda74
Spanish contact user: endeavour1934
Swedish contact user: Lakrits. The author would like someone to take over new translations

Anyone interested to volunteer or assist someone already started on a file please send me a PM
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