Author Topic: Lots of missing files - it's ok, I just want to whack them all in one fell swoop  (Read 365 times)


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So, I grabbed a gazillion files off an old backup of my brother's, imported them all into iTunes and then I imported them all into the Inbox of MusicBee. Just about every song has four or five entries (the backup was an organisational mess, thanks to multiple iTunes updates moving things around) so what I want to do is blanketly delete all file not found entries. I can't figure out how. Right now I'm in the all tracks view and I'm scrolling down, selecting three or four at a time, hitting delete and hitting return for the chicken box.

There's got to be a better way. Iif I could SORT on the column that has the exclamation point for files not found, I could select one, Shift select the bottom and delete in one shot, but that column is not sortable.


Screenshot missing files


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If you look in the Tools menu, there is a "Show Dead Links" filter (under Tagging Tools). That should help you get them all at once.
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