Author Topic: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file"  (Read 1441 times)


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My OS is Mine is Windows 10, Version 1909, Build 18363.959, 64bit.
I ran Musicbee as Administrator, and in Preferences > General > I ticked 'Enable MusicBee in Windows Explorer and Context Menus', and Applied and Saved, and it was accepted.
Now when I right-click any folder, it gives me the Options to 'Play' or 'Queue Next' or 'Queue Last' in Musicbee.
But when I select any of them on any Folder (even Local Folder), and select say, 'Play with Musicbee', it gives me the following Error.
"windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. you may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."

When I Googled for this, I get at the most 4 possible solutions like the Fix 1. Gain File Permission Fix 2. Check the File Location Fix 3. Unlock the File/Folder Fix 4. Recover Lost Files

I tried each of these. Even stopped the Firewall, but none of those work.
One Website suggested following:
open "Local Security Policy" (search would be one way, another would be to look under Administrative Tools); go to "Local Policies"->"Security Options"->"Only elevate UIAccess applications that are installed in secure locations" -> Disable it.
I even disabled this Option. But still the problem remains the same.

This Problem I believe is only with Musicbee. When I right-click on the same Folder and click 'Play with VLC media player' there is no problem. VLC starts playing music in the folder.

So as far as I have tried, every other Context Menu option works on any Folder, except with MusicBee.

What could be the issue. Has anybody else raised this. Could you help me out, or is this something to take up with Microsoft.

Thanks much in advance.


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Hi, welcome to the forum!

Just to be sure, you're not running MusicBee as an administrator most of the time, right? Just to enable that setting?
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HI there.

I have this problem and would like a solution, but I see the only qrery was about being administrator or not?


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You only need to run as admin once. That being the time to set up the context menu. Once set up, exit MB and run normally. -NOT- as admin.
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