Author Topic: RightClick/Shortcut for cross fade to any track at any moment  (Read 98 times)


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As a popular wish for many, I suggest that a simple functionality may be available:
A "right click option"(and/or a shortcut key combination) to any track entry selection, at any part of the current playing track, that brings immediate cross fade change to that new track, as set in preference options.
Currently we have the "play now", "queue next", "queue last", etc.
The newone would be sometinhg like: "Play Now Xfaded"
I hope and believe that its possible to have that new option some easily.
Also I believe that it will be a quite useful and well received option for this excellent player's users.
Thank you.


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Just an observation:
There is a complication to this.
Suppose a 24/192 bit-depth/bitrate song is currently playing, and a 16/44 song is queued next; they just can't be faded into each other. (with current technology for as far as I'm aware)
So such a feature will have other implications that will need consideration.