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Currently, MusicBee using the Semicolon ; as a separation character for Atriste.
This is a huge problem for me because ALL my music library uses Ampsand &.
I have to import thousands of tracks and manually modify the tags which is very tedious. Besides, I don't like Semicolon ; as a Atriste separator, I much prefer the Ampsand &.

1) It is always nice to have a choice, is such a parameter possible (Atrist separator: "; " or " & ")?
2) See even, be able to choose the separator you want to use (Ampsand and Semicolon being only pre-recorded configurations).

Until then,
Thank you for this great software, and good continuation o/

PS: A useful subtlety is the presence of space after AND before the separator " ; ", "; ", which makes 3-4 separator.


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Hi, welcome to the forum!

The semicolon is a very commonly used multiple value separator in music tagging software, and that's unlikely to change. One reason is that there are many artist names that contain ampersands, while semicolons are fairly rare in artist names.

However, you can have the ampersand displayed using MusicBee's Display Artist tag, and still have multiple artist tags in the file. There are more details here:

There's also a plugin, Additional Tagging & Reporting Tools, that can help you make updates in bulk so that you don't have to edit every track manually. (Do be sure to test the plugin on a few files at a time until you're comfortable with it and it's doing what you expect.)
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Oh, thanks
That's exactly what I'm looking for.

Well, the automatic detection fails and you have to manually launch the artist separation operation in the metadata editor, but with the Inbox and a little trick (batch processing), it's done in an instant.

Also, I didn't know the Wiki, I take note.