Author Topic: Add ADB as alternative(optional) backend of Android Phone sync  (Read 368 times)


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ADB in my experience is much faster (and less prone to errors) to transfer files from the computer to the telephone.

I know that install and connect with ADB is not so straightforward, but the protocol have significative advantages over MTP, and you don't need to change the connection type all the time (In the cellphones that don't want to remember what you choose), and by the way that ADN works, (with commands) I think it should be feasible to implement it.

Also with ADB over network it could also be added to the current app in for wireless Sync.


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I admit to not knowing what ADB is, but why add something else when MB's WiFi Sync to Android works quite well? Find it in the Google Play Store. Note that you have to do a wired preview once. From then on wifi syncing will work.
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there is no way ADB is suitable for most people and not something i would be willing to take on