Author Topic: Duplicate Artist Groupings under "Album Artist" left hand pane  (Read 754 times)


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I am in the early stages of setting up MB.

Under the "Album Artist" left hand pane, I should only have an artist appear once.

I have an artist appearing twice, and each instance has 2 albums within it.

Underlying file structure is right, so I am guessing this is a tagging issue.

I have looked at the tagging, and the artist appears to be correct in each.

Any suggestions welcomed.


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Are you sure MusicBee isn't picking up a duplicate copy of the album from somewhere?
Have you moved the album folder since MusicBee first scanned it?
If you open the tracks in the Tag Editor, does the Properties tab show the exact same folder path for each copy of the album?
Can you play tracks from both albums, or is one of them pointing to a location that doesn't exist?
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Also, if you select all the files from both album artists, does it show the same album artist value in the tag editor?
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