Author Topic: Hiding track (video) duration in "Album and Tracks", "Album Covers" views.  (Read 142 times)


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I use a library to sort videos, and their length is always shown as 0:00 -- I suppose this is because they are files which open in a non-built-in player. This is fine, afterall I want to hide said length.
The field is not displayed in the "Tracks" view, but it is impossible to hide it in the "Album and Tracks" or "Album Covers" views, the latter of which I use the most.
"Album and Tracks" view

"Album Covers" view

In the "Album and Tracks" view, it is possible to set displayed fields, but impossible to disable the "Time" field even though it looks like it could be ticked off.

In the "Album Covers" view, there is no "displayed fields" menu in the first place. Although there are options to customize the panel, duration/length is never an option. I know MusicBee very well but this simply goes over my head it seems.

Thanks a bunch.


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