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I've been using MB for over a year, and almost everything I've posted as an improvement seems to be something that the moderators have pointed out as a existing function that fixed the void.  Well, I've got four more and have put them together to save real estate on the forum, hoping most have a feature that I've not discovered.  I came from iTunes, so some may seem familiar.  Here goes....

1. Have a Checkbox to disable the Search behavior when clicking the mouse wheel in the Main Panel. -- this stems from a previous post that I have removed since I realized that inadvertently clicking the mouse wheel puts it into Search mode.

2. Have a Checkbox to have the mini-player to "stay-on-top" -- sometimes I have to click on the player I've put in the lower right corner to see what is playing.

3. Have a Check box to have the main panel *automatically* go to the song location -- since I'm not interested in where I "was", but where I "am".  I've used a hotkey to get there, but it seems to be a logical preference option for convenience.

4.  Lastly, have a view option with "Browser" mode, where Genre, Artist, other elements can be used to use single or combination select(s) for differenct dimensions of the Library -- this is a View option in ITunes.

You've got a great product and am hoping the above requests are addressable.



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1, I'm not aware of an existing setting for

2, is already an option - right click on the player and go to "Window Settings".

3, I'm not sure I understand. This might be covered by "highlight playing track in the main panel" with the "select track" option. It's in Preferences > Now Playing.

4, I also don't quite understand. I thought maybe you meant being able to multi-select items in the column browser, but that's already possible.
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