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Can you increase the distance between the times in the status bar? It would be much more readable!


Current view: 1:27/ 7:45

Desired view: 1:27 / 7:45


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This is something you will also observe with text in MusicBee's interface.
There may be some protocol how such things are written, I don't know.

It's usually like this:

But not always:

Maybe it's a regional thing?
It's something I have noticed in the past when translating MB because I also find it sometimes to look a bit weird, but I don't know if there are any rules for this, and checking my translation I see I am not very consistent in how I have been handling this.
Sometimes I changed it to TextA / TextB, sometimes to TextA/TextB
If somebody could point to some articles or guidelines on this I would be interested.

Regarding your wish on it for time/duration*:
Some MusicBee skins will have been created in some pixel-perfect state of mind.
If a space would be added, it could have some undesired consequences for such skins.
(for tracks longer than an hour)
Probably very minor, but it could be a consideration.

time/ duration
time / duration
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