Author Topic: WishList Ability to reset/change a song's Last-Played date & time  (Read 95 times)


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A search of the forum yielded no results so I am posting anew.
It would be nice to be able to reset the Last-Played date/time from the Edit/Properties window.

MB v3.3.7261 on Windoz-10 with 137,063 song library.
I mostly use "SurprizeMe" smart-playlist where the criteria is simply: not played in the last four years.
If I get in a mood and play a whole album, I'll not be "surprized" with any of those songs for a long time.
I tried removing an album' (songs I'd played) from the library, downing MB, restarting MB and then adding the songs back; but MB remembered the last-played for the newly imported songs.  Doh !


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It might help if you run the compress library command after removing the tracks. That should purge data for files not in the library anymore.
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After posting by wish, I happened upon Tools / Advanced / Compress Library so tried that after deleting the tracks.
Voila !  The re-added tracks last-played was back to unknown.  Tis a perfectly adequate solution for this rare need.
So I guess I'll just quote Roseann Roseannadanna and go back to lurking.  :-)