Author Topic: How to jump to Album view from Artist view ?  (Read 357 times)


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Dear All,

I think this question was answered before ( because it can be very common), but unfortunatelly afte one hour of searching I cannot find the answer to it - so I need to ask ( again)  :(

Here is the scenario of my question :

1. Artists View is used
2. One Artist selected
3. Albums for that artis are shown in row below
4. Selecting particulat album, in second row there are the tracks belong to that particular Artists + Album
5. But ...
6. If this Artist has a track in some Various Artists collection ( Album)
7. The name of this VA Colection ( Album) is shown normally between other Artists albums...
8. Then when selecting it ...
9. Only that track(s) which belong to my currently selected artist and VA Collection (Album) is/are shown in second row

My questions come here :

10. How can I jump to that VA Collection ( Album) to see what more artists / tracks belong to it ?
11. How can I play the entiry VA Album, which I found trough Artist search ? ( As I described in 1.-9.)

Thank You in foreward, for answer !

Have a Nice Week End !

Regards, totyc