Author Topic: Rename one library and delete a second?  (Read 1973 times)


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I have two libraries.  I would like to rename one library and delete a second one.

In this 2015 thread, Jorge24 suggested:

1. Rename the library folder (by default named "MusicBee" and located at C:\<username>\Music\MusicBee) to what you want the library to be called.
2. Run MusicBee. It'll say that your library can't be found and you need to relocate it.
3. Select your library file in the renamed folder to relocate it.

Is this advice still current today and for v3.3.7367?  Will this method keep my metadata like ratings, playlists etc.

Secondly, I have another library that I would like to delete/remove from MusicBee.  Is it as simple as deleting the 'Library2' folder from C:\...username\Music\Library2 that contains the .mbl etc files.  I'm asking about the library and not the actual music files.

Thanks in advance.


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Yes on both counts. It never hurts to have backups, but it's the .mbl file that saves all your data. Moving it doesn't hurt anything.
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