Author Topic: Sorting problem: some albums mixed together in one genre  (Read 914 times)


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I'm having a problem sorting my albums in one genre (Unplugged).  I get 2 or 3 albums clumped together while others in the same genre are listed ok.

It happens when viewing in 'Album and Tracks' and 'Album Covers'.  Sorting is by 'Album Artist/Year/Album'.  The albums have been processed by MusicBrainz Picard.

I picked 2 albums as an example:
1. Alainis Morissette, MTV Unplugged (1999)
2. Alice in Chains, MTV Unplugged (1996)

If I select a few files and look at 'Files with Inconsistent Sort Tags', it gives these error messsages:
Example A:
Inconsistent Sort Tags Sort Artist
file = Morissette, Alanis database = <null> Sort Composer
file= Ballard, Glen; Morissette, Alanis database = <null>

Example B:
Inconsistent Sort Tags Sort Artist
file = Alice in Chains database = <null> Sort Composer
file = Cantrell, Jerry database = <null>

Hopefully, that all makes sense to somebody!

I'd be grateful if anyone had suggestions or ideas on how to fix this.



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A quick response: are you sure this is about sorting? Looks like it's more about grouping?


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Ha!  That did it.  I don't think I've ever looked at that 'grouping' option.  I set it to 'Group By' 'Album Artist' and that did the trick.